Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Borneo Clouded Leopard Radio Collared!
Andrew Hearn and Joanna Ross, researchers studying Borneo's wild cats in Sabah, Malaysia, report that they have captured and radio collared a clouded leopard in the Borneo's Danum Valley. Andy and Jo will be able to track the movements of this cat through signals given off by the collar to learn crucial infomation about the animal's range and activity patterns. This is the first time a Borneo clouded leopard has been radio collared. (Only four mainland clouded leopards have ever been collared.) You can read a great story on Mongabay about the project and an interview with Andy and Jo.

We are very proud to be supporting this project along with the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. We will be visiting the field site in August and hope to investigate opportunities to assist community outreach efforts in the region.

Photo by Andrew Hearn and Joanna Ross
Photo by Andrew Hearn and Joanna Ross

Clouded Leopard

Photo by Andrew Hearn.
Photo by Andrew Hearn

Joanna Ross monitoring the heartbeat of the anesthetized radio collared clouded leopard.


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