Monday, June 30, 2008

Update and Some Baby Pics
Things have been sort of quiet on the blog lately for several reasons. One, I've
been pretty busy working on some clouded leopard projects. We are close to introducing a new shopping system for the website in order to make things easier for buyers and donors. I've also been hard at work planning the Clouded Leopard and Small Cat Conservation Summit set for next January in Bangkok. We have the dates set and I am working on the invitation now. Hopefully that will be going out by the end of July. However, most of my free time lately has been spent in planning our upcoming trip to Borneo in August. We (my husband, Paul and I) will be spending a couple of weeks in Sabah and will be meeting with several of the researchers supported by the CLP. We also hope to make contacts with folks who might be able to collaborate with us on community outreach efforts in the region. I'm really excited about all of these prospects. Hopefully I will be able to add some blog posts while I'm gone so stay tuned. I keep telling everyone that I won't be returning until I see a wild clouded leopard.....

Another reason for the recent dearth of posts is that things have been kind of quiet in the clouded leopard world the last few weeks. Therefore, I thought it might be fun to break out some old baby pictures of Raja and Josie. I'll share more of these later this week.

First are a couple of baby Raja at about 8 weeks romping and resting while coming home with me during bottle raising.

These are during the time we were introducing Raja and Josie shortly after Josie's arrival at the Zoo. They started out bickering and never stopped!


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