Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Leopards?

Every now and then our Northwest clouds bless us with something a bit more exciting than our usual drizzle. The last few days has brought on and off snow showers, but not much stickage until today. In mid-afternoon it started to accumulate so of course I ran out to photograph the cats!

Despite her lack of snow-coordinated camouflage, Josie went on a prowl for a Yeti to subdue. Raja, however, stuck with his more tropical tendencies and just wanted back in!

So much for his photo op...


>Lara< said...

Those are the most precious leopard i have ever seen. I especially like your last picture! haha so cute!
Nice Blog
<3 Gamer Girl

Karen said...

Don't worry...I let him right back in!

Anonymous said...

wow... those are adorible and btw im doing my endangered project on them i just thaught that it was sad these poor things are endangerd.

from the animallover

Anonymous said...

that was cute<3

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