Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fun with Bones
Nothing brings out the beast like bone day...well in Josie, at least. Today I feature a study in contrasts between our two cats, personality-wise. First, Josie scores her bone:

For those of you who might think that a cute clouded leopard would make a cuddly pet, check out Josie in bone mode. Remember, this is our sweet, hand-reared, handleable cat guarding her "kill."

But wait...there's more... Bear in mind her bone is two enclosures away and I am not going anywhere near it!

Now, let's go just across the hall from Josie, but miles down the spectrum of clouded leopard demeanor. Observe placid Raja with his bone. Our mellow boy is always ready with a chuffed greeting, even when indulging his carnivorous passions. No snarling, lunging, or other over-reactions to our presence so close to his precious bone.

And this is the cat that we no longer handle! Go figure...


frank said...

i cant see the first few do i obtain access?

Karen said...

Hi Frank,
Sorry for the problem. I just learned how to embed videos (or this case!) I think I fixed it so please let me know. Thanks for tuning in.

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