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Monday, March 1, 2010

Clouded Leopard Pawprint Jewelry is Back!

At long last we have re-stocked our one-of-a-kind clouded leopard pawprint pendants. Many of our devoted CLP supporters have asked when they would return so I'm pleased to share the news here. These are really special; we made the mold from an actual cast of one of our cloudie's paws and through the magic of jewelry making shrunk it down and cast it in sterling silver. You can purchase them through our online store as either just the pendant or complete with chain. They make great and totally unique gifts for any cat lover and best of all, your gift supports clouded leopard conservation. So "make tracks" and order yours today!


努力 said...

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

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