Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Research Supporting Two Sub-Species of Sunda Clouded Leopard

In a new article in press in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, authors Andreas Wilting, Per Christiansen, et. al. provide further support through the study of genetics and cranial features for two sub-species of the Sunda clouded leopard, Neofelis diardi.

In the article the authors provide an overview of the evolutionary history of Neofelis diardi, officially present its common name, the Sunda clouded leopard, and formally describe the Bornean subspecies, Neofelis diardi borneensis.


fernando said...

Thanks Karen for keeping us updated about the new researchs on Sundas!! Your website really is a valuable resource for all those who are involved in clouded leopard research. Thank you!!
Congratulations to Andreas Wilting and his team for their great job.
Fernando Najera
(PhD Candidate in Bornean Felids)

Karen said...

Thanks Fernando, It's always nice to hear that someone is reading my posts! Perhaps I will meet you some day in Borneo. Karen

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