Thursday, March 27, 2008

Josie's Ultrasound
Well, it was 30 long days of biting our nails waiting to find out if our artificial insemination attempt with Josie was successful. The result? Looks like we have to keep chewing! We were able to take a look, but not draw any conclusions. The good news is, we definitely can't rule pregnancy out. There were some areas that were questionable, but determining if they were fetuses or just other internal features wasn't quite possible. We will repeat the procedure in a week. Since we are only at 30 days potential gestation, it is normal that it would be tough to see much of anything. Within a few weeks things would be much more visible. We just couldn't wait that long and wanted to take a look!

Because Josie was hand-raised, she is very tractable. She actually seems to enjoy the procedure, practically going into a trancelike state. She is not sedated in any way.

She doesn't even mind the gel on her tummy. To do the test, I hold Josie in my lap while Maureen strokes her head and Dr. Karen Goodrowe (our curator and reproductive physiologist) perfoms the ultrasound.

We are fortunate to have such a tolerant patient. Stay tuned for further updates and keep those fingers crossed for cubs!


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