Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Clouded Leopard Skins Seized in India
The Wildlife Protection Society of India issued the following report:

Five skins of endangered Clouded Leopards (Neofelis nebulosa) were seized by wildlife officials in February 2008 on the Indo- Bhutan border. The illegal haul comprised of skins of two adults, one sub-adult and two cubs. A resident of Jaigaon was arrested while on a bus to Siliguri, from where he intended to move into Nepal. According to senior forest department personnel, the accused is said to be one of the most wanted wildlife traders on the Indo-Bhutan border.

The Clouded Leopard's distribution in India is restricted to North West Bengal, Sikkim, and North East India where the population status is unknown, but it is said to be declining. The Clouded Leopard falls in Schedule1 of The Wildlife (Protection) Act. Trade in this species is strictly prohibited.


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