Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!
What a our Josie girl turned ten. It really does seem like such a short time ago that we received our little spitfire as an 8-week-old cub from Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. I have been so lucky to have had Josie in my life for so long. She is an amazing cat, with such spunk and spirit! For her birthday treat today she got some goodies: a thawed chick, some vanilla ice cream (a favorite of all cats), and a yummy blood ice cube. Good stuff! The wonderful watercolor of Josie was painted by my friend Shannon when Josie was about two.

When Josie and Raja were cubs, their first birthday was cause for celebration. As they were growing up they were media darlings so the their birthday received lots of coverage. Here's Raja enjoying his elaborate meat, fish, and feather birthday cake.

Raja turned ten a few weeks before Josie (sorry for not acknowledging your big day, Raj.) At ten years, the cats are well into middle age. Most clouded leopards live until their mid-teens with some going to nearly twenty. Hopefully our pair will enjoy a long, active life with us at Point Defiance.


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