Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Clouded Leopard Poems
Margaret, age 13, from Woodinville, WA sent us these great poems. Thanks Margaret, your poems are wonderful and really capture the spirit of the clouded leopard!

When danger approaches,
My spots help me hide.
When it comes to the forest,
I’ll be your guide.

I’m an agile arboreal,
Climbing to the sky,
Strong branches are my favorite,
Upon them I will lie.

My muscles tighten and I’m tense,
As I wait for prey.
I pounce and then my dinners served,
I’m done hunting for the day.

Like a light in the darkness,
Like a flag in a battle,
Like a map on a journey,
Like an oar or a paddle.

If I just kept my eyes,
On my mother’s white tail,
I could spot her easily,
With no need to wail.

Now I dash through the forest,
I know my own way.
She taught me to thrive,
And I’m still here today.


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