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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mondays Can be "Poopy!"

Hey guys it’s Andy here with yet another blog. I know, I'm shocked as well.
Ok, I've really never had weekends off in my career. I had Mondays and Tuesdays off most of the time, so Monday was always a good thing unless I had to mow the lawn.
Now over here I'm working all the time, it's just how it goes since I need to see the cats everyday. I make up for it by taking afternoons off to watch football. I’m glad to see football over here because I'm usually at work on Sunday in the states and can’t watch there.

Most of the time I'm not sure what day it is when I'm here but this day, a Monday, I won't forget. I always start the morning by checking on the all the cats. With the four cubbies I have to separate them into twos so it is easier to feed them. When I enter to do this they always think I'm there to feed them so they go nuts and that’s when all the jumping and free flying cats are everywhere. I'm used to this and all the hook marks in the back that come with it. It hurts but it's fun. The one thing that is very cool is you get all these pug marks (foot prints) on your back. People who come to visit love that their clothes have these imprints of survival from their time here.

I have to admit I like the having the marks on my clothes too. But there was something different about this day, a Monday. After I succeeded in the kitty craziness I went to the building to get their breakfast. I kept smelling something that was all too familiar, yeah you guessed it…. Poop! One of the cubs stepped in a pile of the stinky stuff and then jumped on my back leaving a poopy pug mark trail all over my clean shirt. When I walked into the food prep area Arun flipped out that I had cub poop on my back. The guys don't like to get dirty which is really difficult in this line of work. So I took my shirt off and washed outside with some dish soap.

So I had to finish the feedings with no shirt on. Not only did I have to get hassled by the guys, some of the cats were freaked out by this very white guy walking around. They knew it was me but they couldn't believe it. Some of the cats wouldn't eat their food, geez make me feel self conscious. When I got back up to the building my shirt had blown away and was in the dirt. At that point, I said “I'm outta here,” and went to my house to get a clean shirt. Guess what it's Monday so that means football is on over here cause it's Sunday in the States. So Mondays aren't that crappy after all.

Take it easy and I'll write soon…..maybe.


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