Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Clouded Leopard from Apple?
You've no doubt heard the rumors about the newest technological innovation on the horizon - the Apple Tablet, aka the iSlate. According to a leaked specs page making the rounds on technology sites, the touchscreen tablet will run with a new operating system rumored to be called the Mac OS X Clouded Leopard. Here are some features I'm hoping come with this exciting new product, helping it live up to the traits of its operating system's feline counterpart:

  • Quick and agile navigation, pouncing from page to page with lightening reflexes.

    Unsurpassed multitasking ability to locate, retrieve, and devour the
    information you're hunting.

    Extreme privacy protection enabling you to elude predators such as spammers
    and people sending chain emails. (And when they are encountered you dispatch
    them quickly.)

    Enabled with chuffing sounds for reminder alerts and snarls for error

    A naturalistic case with cloud-like spots.

    A luxurious furry (faux, naturally) 6' charging cable (twitching motion

    A built in link to the Clouded Leopard Project website.

    The sleekest, most appealing product available with an optimistic and
    successful future.

    Finally, $5 from the profits of each tablet sold go to support Clouded
    Leopard Conservation!
Did I forget anything? Apple, are you listening?


Lisa Stich said...

Okay, this is hilarious! I especially like the "chuffing/snarling" feature, and the 6-foot-long twitching "tail."

How cool that they actually call it the Clouded Leopard operating system. Couldn't have picked a better cat!


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