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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flat-headed Cat Spotted!
We didn't dare to hope that we would actually spot one of Borneo's elusive wild cats during our short visit, but last night we were extremely lucky. We went on a night spot-lighting outing on the river and after traveling about two hours up river from Sukau we saw the glimmer of eyeshine reflected in our light. We saw a small shape moving in and out of the shadows at the river's edge. To our surprise and delight it was a flat-headed cat! This species is seldom seen and few photographs exist that weren't taken by camera trap. We followed the cat as it ambled along the mud created by low-tide. The cat paid us no attention whatsoever and didn't deviate from his pace as he padded down the bank. We were able to get some good photographs as well as some video. We don't have the ability to post the photos right now, but I'll add them here when we return so check back for a rare look at this unusual little cat. This was a good time to be out looking since the river was low, exposing the amphibians and other water creatures the flat-headed cat feeds on.

Now we only have four more of the Borneo wild cats species to spot (marbled cat, leopard cat, bay cat, and clouded leopard). Keep your fingers crossed!


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