Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In the Field

We've spent the last week visiting the research project sites of Andreas Wilting in Deramakot Forest Reserve and Andy Hearn and Jo Ross in the Danum Valley. We've learned a great deal about the management of Sabah's forest resources and the ecology of Sabah's forest wildlife. It's been especially encouraging to learn that in both of these regions, even where some logging has occurred, scientists are finding preliminary evidence of healthy carnivore populations. Both of these studies aim to compare felid populations in areas where different logging practices have been employed at different times; ranging from traditional timber harvests occurring several decades previously to ongoing reduced-impact logging operations. The data that emerge from these studies will be crucial for the development of the long-term management of Sabah's forests in ways that benefit both people and wildlife. We are extremely grateful to Andreas, Andy, and Jo for giving us this insight into forest research and conservation in Borneo.


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