Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hong Kong
We've completed the first leg of our Asian adventure - a stopover in Hong Kong. We spent two days running around the city and really enjoyed it. Sadly, I have no felid observations or news to report except for the sighting of a snoozing domestic cat outside a Buddhist temple. The only wildlife-related news to report is that we visited the bird market and goldfish market. Both of these markets surprised us with the level of care that seemed to be given to the creatures for sale. Everything was extremely clean with people tending for them constantly.

The biggest challenge of the trip so far has been the heat and humidity. Hong Kong was about 33 degrees C. For our American friends that translates to about 857 degrees Fahrenheit. Did I mention the 90% humidity? Not a good situation for woefully un-acclimated pansies from the Pacific Northwest. A walk around the block transforms us into boneless pools of perspiration. Our condition is further aggravated by observations of all the lovely, perky, perspiration-free Asians around us. Nothing screams "tourist" better than a sweaty American!

Next up...Singapore!


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